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Important Questions Answered



  • Investment of minimal 500,000.00 EUR per person on real estate in Spain.
  • Spanish private medical insurance.
  • Proof of being able to support family and properties in Spain.
  • Clean criminal record.

Question 1: The same person owns three properties: one for 250,000.00 EUR, another one for 150,000.00 EUR, and a third one for 100,000.00 EUR.”

  • Answer: In this case, the person IS eligible for residency permit, as the total value invested in property is 500,000.00 EUR.

Question 2: The owner of a property, whose value is 750,000.00 EUR, obtained a mortgage loan for 250,000.00 EUR. The remainder of 500,000.00 EUR was paid upon completion of the acquisition process.”

  • Answer: This person would be eligible for residency, as even though he acquired the property with a mortgage, the amount of 500,000.00 EUR is paid and free of burdens.

Question 3: Husband and wife buy a property with a value of 700,000.00 EUR.”

  • Answer: They are NOT eligible for residency permit, as each one owns 50 % (350,000.000 EUR each only). However, if the head of the family can show commitment to support the rest of the family through a Sponsorship letter, residency for the others can be obtained.

Question 4: There is a property off-plan. The private contract has been signed and 550.000,00 EUR has been paid, does this qualify to get this residency.”

  • Answer: No, the ownership of the property has to backed with Title Deeds and proven with a Certificate of the Land Registry.

Question 5: An investor buys a plot of land 300.000,00 EUR, and start construction, investing so far 700.000,00 EUR. Does this qualify?”

  • Answer: No, as there is no Title Deed of Declaration of New Building, and the Deeds registered (for the plot), don’t achieve the minimum 500.000,00 EUR to qualify.

Question 6: Could I get residency buying through a non-resident company?”Answer: It is possible to do so, meanwhile the applicant is in control of the company:

  • Majority of shares.
  • Majority for voting rights.

Question 7: Do I have to be Company Administrator?”

  • Answer: No, as long as conditions above are in place.

Question 8: What are the deadlines for applications?”

  • Answer: For real estate investment permit, there is no application deadline.

Question 9: Can I submit the application about an acquisition done last year (2012)?”

  • Answer: In principle yes, as there is no time limit and the interpretation is considered retroactive.

Question 10: What are further benefits of this application?”Answer:

  • Quicker processing, of 10 days approx for the first period of residency of one year (by the normal means, it takes around one year).
  • When renewing the process is 20 days, for approval with positive silence.
  • There is no need of staying in Spain any period of time, as long as there is a visit within the Residency Visa.
  • Flexibility to organize the fiscal residency.

Question 11: For how long is the residence valid?”

  • Answer: In principle, one year for the first period. Then renewals are valid for 2 years, under the condition that the circumstances did not change.


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